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2016 Mainstage Season

The Seven Year Itch

The Seven Year Itch

February 26 - March 20

Whether you watched it during its three year run on Broadway, or saw the 1955 movie with Marilyn Monroe in her iconic white dress, you are surely familiar with this charming play about fidelity and temptation.

Richard Sherman is given the opportunity to live a bachelor's life while his family is away on vacation. He is enjoying his time away from his wife and son when a voluptuous blonde moves upstairs. His overactive, over-vivid imagination goes into overdrive. Richard's Viennese psychiatrist suggests that after seven years of a monogamous relationship, couples start to have the "itch" to explore other relationships. A soul-struggle of heroic and hilarious proportions ensues. Find out if Richard will behave or fall to temptation of the "Seven Year Itch" in this comedy, which first made Marilyn Monroe famous on the silver screen.

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What the Audience is saying:

“What a professional production! I could not have asked for more. I saw a cast that was not only talented, but they were well rehearsed. They sang beautifully, but most importantly, had an understanding of the genre. The show flowed, was funny, and took itself seriously enough to work. It was great!!”