An Afternoon with The Duprees

$35.00 (includes Tax + Service Fee)

Oct 13, 2024



THE DUPREES are known the world over for their romantic interpretations of some of the most beautiful love songs ever written. They have made a career out of giving new life to the big band standards and contemporary hits. If you take the Glenn Miller arrangements of the 1940’s along with the tunes of Joni James, Frank Sinatra, Jo Stafford, Nat King Cole, (just to name a few) and the vocal harmonies of Tom Petillo, Jimmy Spinelli and Shawn Stevens put them together, you have the sound of THE DUPREES.

The group, originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, was discovered by George Paxton, the president of Coed Records and former big band leader from the 1940’s. Impressed with THE DUPREES’s smooth vocal quality, he had them record Jo Stafford’s 1950’s ballad “YOU BELONG TO ME” with a Big Band arrangement. It was an instant national hit and the group’s first million seller.

The DUPREES today, 42 years of on-stage performances and still going strong are Tommy Petillo, Jimmy Spinelli and Shawn Stevens continue to perform all the chart-topping songs you know and love, mixed with contemporary hits of today. After an evening with THE DUPREES, you’ll discover why their harmonies and hits are as timeless as ever.