Katica Illenyi in Concert: From Broadway to Hollywood and BACH

$60.00 (includes Tax + Service Fee)

September 21, 2022



Katica Illényi comes from a family of classical musicians. From the age of 3, practicing music for hours a day was a natural way of life for her.

When Katica was only 14 years old, she was admitted into the prestigious Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary, where she earned her Master’s degree in violin. Although passionate about classical music, Katica wanted to broaden her experiences in the Arts. She took singing lessons, thus her voice became her second instrument. Katica found herself drawn to the “lighter” genres of music such as jazz and swing, searching for creative styles that differed from classical music. From 1996 to 2002, Katica Illényi was even the featured singer and violinist with the Budapest Klezmer Band. Versatility is her middle name!
Since 2002, Katica has been giving solo concerts, always with a new repertoire, integrating classical pieces, popular music, and jazz, from Ludwig van Beethoven to Irving Berlin. Committed to high-quality popular music, Katica also gives jazz concerts regularly where she sings and dances.
Her positive personality, good looks, and professional competence allow Katica Illényi to share classical music, Broadway and Hollywood scores, plus sophisticated American jazz with the world. Katica is one of the only concert Theremin players in the world! The Theremin is a magical instrument that pulls music out of the air.

Having been awarded many gold and platinum records, Katica Illényi is recognized internationally by her millions of fans. Now she brings her exciting and uplifting show to The Broadway Theater where she promises to present something for every member of the family.