Carlos Amigos SANTANA

$35.00 (includes Tax + Service Fee)

June 18, 2022




The Carlos Amigos is the most comprehensive, historically accurate live show tribute production dedicated to EARLY-WOODSTOCK ERA SANTANA ever created!

Carlos Santana is widely recognized as one of the greatest guitarists of ALL-TIME and has amassed a ROCK and ROLL HALL OF FAME career. This project focuses on his break out years from 1969-72 when the SANTANA band changed music history with the ground breaking sound of LATIN-ROCK fusion and became famous not only for the power of their live performances but also their studio sensations, hitting 3 chart topping albums in a row with: SANTANA I, ABRAXAS & SANTANA III.

Using specific replica Santana wardrobe, exacting retro musical instrumentation, and even film elements with authentic liquid light show effects that bring audiences back to the feel of their famous Fillmore era concerts…   Only the CARLOS AMIGOS band has completely RE-CREATED the stage SOUND and LOOK in the detailed fashion of early SANTANA for not only Carlos but all of his famous early era bandmates: Greg Rolie on keys, Michael Scrieve on drums, David Brown on bass, Michael Carabello, and Chepito on percussion and even later members, Neal Schon on guitar and Buddy Miles on vocals are ALL honored by LOS CARLOS AMIGOS TRIBUTE SHOW!”

Featured talents are top professional Philly favorite musicians, led by the incredible Latino guitarist born from the “Badlands” section, Uriel “EL ANGEL” Marrero! Get ready for deep cuts and hits of EARLY Santana like OYE COMO VA, BLACK MAGIC WOMAN, SOUL SACRIFICE, EVIL WAYS, and more, this is a can’t miss show for any SANTANA fan!

Listen to them here: